Chosen by Coca-Cola as one of the top 10 fun runs in the world!

Our August 18th City Challenge Urban Race event in San Luis Obispo was a big highlight of the year for us! SLO Brewing Co. Manager Trevor Green and company treated the Hegness Events staff and City Challenge racers like royalty and saw to it we all had what we needed (especially when what we needed was great food and the finest beer in all of SLO!) The weather was perfect and both courses treated the runners to a plethora of sites completely unique to the city and surely not seen anywhere else in the world in such close proximity (where else can you see an alley plastered in bubblegum and a Patton tank within a mile of each other?) We saw some familiar faces and made some new friends at this race, and we thank you all for your support! All participants got a FREE event shirt, Clif Bars, the latest issue of Lava Magazine, Road ID discount cards and other cool stuff!!! Medals were awarded to first, second and third place for both the Standard Course and Ultra Course finishers, and the winners got certificates for FREE Road ID’s!!!

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